7 Day Cultural Tour Tanzania

7 Day Trekking safari with the Maasai Tribe in Tanzania

Description of the safari

Just into the Maasai lands, there is a unique trekking program that takes you to the remote regions of the African Rift valley from the standard safari circuit. This journey of seven days with the Masai tribes will start at the foot hills of mount Longido and will continue across the floor of the rift valley, as you head for the fantastic rift escarpment, the Ngorongoro crater and the crater highlands as well as trekking over 18 miles on some days. As you travel with the Masai, you will learn about this nomadic tribe customs, way of life, and how they live their life today as well as the challenges that are faced by the Maasai in the changing landscape.

The itinerary is offered as a small group safari and can also be booked as a private tailor made journey for the individuals. The itinerary is as below;tanzania tours


Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Nairobi, in Kenya in the morning

Immediately after meeting with the rest of the group members and the guide, you will depart for Tanzania border at Nmanga which is 3 hours away from Nairobi. From Nmanga, it’s also a short drive of about 30 minutes to start the trek at the starting point on the Kenya –Tanzania border. You will have a hike to the campsite at the foot hills of Mt Longido that will help you adjust towards the climate and the terrain. We shall arrive at the campsite in time for lunch and in the late afternoon, as the weather begins to cool, you will enjoy a longer walk from the camp as you are accompanied by the guide, as you also get a feel for the wild bush before you return to the camp for your dinner.

Day 2: Have breakfast in the morning, after start the day with a hard climb to a high viewing point of 5500ft on mount Longido from where you will be greeted by the beautiful views of both mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s always essential to keep close to the guide as well as the group during the trek in the morning. Longido receives few climbers and the wild animals here include; buffalos, can be met as you trek. After enjoying your view, you will descend down to meet the vehicles at the foot hills of the mountain. The car will take you along a very rough track that will lead you into the wild bush to Kitumbeine villages having a stopover for lunch. The last part of the journey to the Kitumbeine village and will be completed by foot. The camp tonight is located 2km from the village and the walk will be tough as you cover up to 20kms between the morning climb and the afternoon trek. You will have a handy Masai askari who covers these distances regularly will be with you to help you throughout.

Day 3: You will today begin with a short but tough trek towards the high point of about (6,300ft) along the Kitumbeine ridge. You will view the crater highlands as well as the rift valley. You will then descend in the time for lunch, and after continue with your vehicle to the Ngairat Swamp region. In the afternoon, go on and enjoy a more leisurely game viewing hike which is around the Ngairat before arriving at Ngairat wild Camp where you will have dinner and rest.

Day 4: Have the time to spend the morning exploring the foot hills of the Ngarirat swamp region which is a dramatic land scape and it’s sometimes referred to as “the cradle of mankind” in the early afternoon, transfer to the Gelai village, which is one of the largest Maasai settlements with in the region. This is also a permanent village and it provides an insight into how the Maasai live in the present world. We also support many community projects in the Gelai through the nonprofit community projects with in Africa and you will have chance to visit a school that the travelers have helped to fund as well as build.

Day 5: Today you will start the day with a visit to the Maasai boma in order to meet with the Maasai who live in the place seasonally. This village receives few visitors and it’s not part of the tourist circuit. The guide will explain to you on how the bomas are built and also take part as you give a measure of life in the Masai nomadic community. After visiting the village, the journey will continue by foot and then take you across the savannah plains towards the eye catching sunken crater at the foot hills of the rift valley escarpment. This day, the trek will be dusty and hot, so you need to be prepared with the cool clothing, wide brimmed hat and the sun block. We shall then camp at the edge of the crater. And in case you have some energy, you will take an afternoon hike to explore some of the unusual geographical features of the land scape. You will take time to relax.

Day 6: You will wake up before the crack of dawn and then begin driving into the crater highlands. This crater is considered to be Africa’s greatest natural wonder. Spend the entire morning and the afternoon as you explore the crater floor, which is a place for many wildlife species including; the lions, black Rhinos, elephants, as well as small mammals. Have lunch at the crater and after drive to the campsite near Laibone where we shall end the day with the dinner for the celebration of the completion of the safari

Day 7: You will go for a short hike in the morning to view the overlooking lake Manyara and the rift valley terrain that was covered during the week’s journey, you will then go back to the camp in time for lunch and after depart for Kilimanjaro International Airport.

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