2 Day Masai Cultural safari in Tanzania

2 Day The Olpopongi Masai Cultural safari in Tanzania

Detailed Description of the tour

You can experience a rich cultural holiday and walking safari with the Masai. These people live in Kraals that are arranged in a circular fashion. The fences around the kraals are made of acacia thorns that prevent the lions from attacking the cattle. The kraals are also shared by an extended family due to the new land management system with in the Masai region, it is also not known to see the kraal occupied by a single family.

This safari to the Masai cultural village as well as the museum will give you a unique wildlife and Masai experience. The main aim here is to share the Masai life and culture in 00% traditional built village which is boma plus a museum rather than taking the guests to the other Masai villages and also disturb their native homes, the behaviors as well as environment. The Eco- tourism safaris like this one will give you maximum respect to the Masai people as they educate and excite the visitors.

Masai Safari Tanzania

The Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer from Moshi/ Arusha to Olpopongi Masai Cultural Village

In the morning, we shall drive to Olpopongi in western Kilimanjaro region which is 74km from Moshi. This two hour drive will take you through the beautiful outback of the western Kilimanjaro. And depending on the season you have a chance to see game including; the zebras and the elephants. On the clear days, you will have the amazing views of Mount Kilimanjaro as well as mount Meru. On arrival at the Olpopongi Masai village, the village chief will welcome you with refreshments. During your walk throughout the village, your Masai guide will try to explain the past and the contemporary life of the Tanzanian Masai. You will as well get more information about the culture of the Masai as you taste a traditional tea called chai that is prepared by wood fire. You will enjoy a taste lunch with variety of local food highlights that will end the activities inside the village. Your afternoon will start with an educational walking tour across the bush. The Masai warriors will also guide you along the paths and they explain to you the typical medical plants, the trees, tracks as well as the local wildlife. You will also learn the usage of local tools, hunting techniques as well as preparing fire. All these will be part of your unforgettable bush tour. As you come back to the village, there is a well-deserved break that is accompanied by the freshly brewed coffee and cake. And around the sun set, a group of Masai men and women gather together around the traditional dancing and singing performances. You will enjoy a BBQ-Buffet at the camp fire which will provide you with an unforgettable evening under the sky. This evening will also mark the end of your private masai house with the traditional beds, mats and blankets.

Day 2: Deoarture

Have breakfast and after set off to Moshi/Arusha, you will go as you take photo graphs of the village and the people we met during the entire safari.


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