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Tanzania Safari And The Big 5 Wildlife Animals

Guide to the best destinations for Tanzania safari travellers, where to stay, go, attractions and travel tips. A safari in Africa can be enjoyed in any of the African corner with different parks on offer, all from Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls to South Africa’s reserves as well as the big cats of Kenya.  The main reason… Read More »

7 Day Safari Tanzania, Wildlife & Culture

7 Day Cultural & wildlife safari in Tanzania Tour overview Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater are also some of the destinations to be visited on this tour but also enjoy wildlife viewing in these famous national parks. There will also be inclusion of the cultural discovery days where you can find out about the… Read More »

14 day Kenya & Tanzania wildlife and Cultural safari

14 day Kenya & Tanzania wildlife and Cultural safari Tour overview It’s a journey through East Africa and it means you will visit one game reserve to another. The tour combines wildlife viewing as well as the local cultural experiences during the two weeks of this adventure. We shall visit the famous Masai Mara, Lake… Read More »

2 Day Masai Cultural safari in Tanzania

2 Day The Olpopongi Masai Cultural safari in Tanzania Detailed Description of the tour You can experience a rich cultural holiday and walking safari with the Masai. These people live in Kraals that are arranged in a circular fashion. The fences around the kraals are made of acacia thorns that prevent the lions from attacking… Read More »

7 Day Cultural Tour Tanzania

7 Day Trekking safari with the Maasai Tribe in Tanzania Description of the safari Just into the Maasai lands, there is a unique trekking program that takes you to the remote regions of the African Rift valley from the standard safari circuit. This journey of seven days with the Masai tribes will start at the… Read More »

9 Day Safari Tanzania

9 Day Tanzania Safari, Culture and Wildlife Tour overview You will explore Tanzania, Arusha, Mulala Village, Olduvai Gorege, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, Lake Eyasi and Ngorongoro crater. You will have a big five safari in Ngorongoro crater as you drive through the nature’s most and beautiful abundant park as you also come… Read More »